Serial Tech Entrepreneur

D Sharma is a serial tech entrepreneur who recently started, a mindfulness company described by the Wall Street Journal as being like Peloton meets Zoom meets guided meditation. Being no stranger to the tech industry, D has seen the impacts that machine learning has on today’s workforce as they are increasingly stressed and anxious. In this session, D will discuss the correlation between mindfulness and machine learning and share how mindfulness can help us cope with further automation as the future of work evolves.

The Future of Gaming
Thanks to powerful hardware and high speed internet, gaming has now become more immersive and realistic than ever. Loved by fans and resented by parents around the world, gaming has always been a controversial topic. Does gaming bring people together or isolate them? Does gaming facilitate learning or distract from it? Does gaming lead to joy and meaningfulness or addiction and emptiness? How much more immersive and realistic can games get before they become as real as life, and what happens then?

Innovations and Challenges in Mobility
The options we have to get from Point A to Point B have never been more numerous. From ride-sharing to scooters to autonomous vehicles, the transportation space is filled with innovators. But, with the looming spectre of climate change, how should we prioritize challenges facing the industry?

Dan Chu will discuss how he found the intersection of social impact, technology, and a sustainable business model at Waymo, where he is Chief Product Officer. He’ll share his experience building first-of-their-kind, mission-driven products from the ground-up and explore how technology will continue to transform, rather than disrupt over the next decade and beyond.