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Cyberposium 2014 Panels


We are excited to announce this year’s panel line-up:

  • Accelerators and Incubators

    A number of newly-formed accelerators and incubation programs emerged over the last several years. They are “the startups for startups”. This panel features a few different accelerators with different focuses. The speakers will discuss how these accelerators help startups and entrepreneurs at the very early stage, what is their value-add, and their interaction with seed-stage investors/VCs.

    • Moderator: Hugo Van Vuuren (Xfund)
    • Panelists: Semyon Dukach (Techstars Boston), Gaurav Jain (Founder Collective), Jeff Engler (Rock Health), Gareth Keane (Qualcomm Ventures)
  • Bitcoin’s Impact on the Global Economy

    Unique perspectives on the Bitcoin economy direct from industry leaders and top venture capitalists. Also find out what Blockchain-enabled products to expect in the near future.

    • Moderator: Professor Andrei Hagiu
    • Panelists: Adam Draper (Founder, Partner, Boost VC), Jeremy Allaire (Founder, CEO, Circle), Adam Ludwin (Founder, CEO, Chain & HBS Alumnus)
  • Big Data: From Hype to Value

    Do you think ‘big data’ is over-hyped? Are you tired of hearing about its potential and want to know how it affects the bottom-line? Come hear expert’s perspectives on how companies are deriving value from big data today.

    • Moderator: Andrew Burton (CEO, Logentries)
    • Panelists: Will Hayes (CEO, Lucidworks), Phil Kim (Cap One), Michael Morrison (CEO, Datawatch), Adam Towvim (CEO, Trust Layers)
  • Consumer Hardware: Challenges and Opportunities

    In this panel, we explore the distinct challenges that consumer hardware companies face, why there has been an increase in consumer hardware startups recently, and what future trends we can expect to see.

    • Moderator: Matt Witheiler (General Partner, Flybridge Capital)
    • Panelists: Ben Einstein (Co-Founder of hardware seed fund), Cathay Bi (Product Manager for Moto 360, Google/Motorola), Philippe Schwartz (President of Withings, Board Director at Glide, YouNow and Highfive Inc), Vijay Manwani (CEO and Founder at Kuvee Inc.), Max Lobovsky (CEO and Co-founder at FormLabs)
  • HBS Founders
    Come hear a Stanford GSB Venture Capitalist interrogate HBS founders (yes, you read it right) on their decisions towards a startup career, choosing a business model, pros (and cons) of being a CEO, biggest challenges while launching and growing a venture, and next steps for their firms and careers.
    • Moderator: Howard Bornstein (BCV)
    • Panelists: Joris Poort (Rescale), Brent Grinna (Evertrue), Phil Kim (Bundle, Capital One), Louis Beryl (Earnest)
  • The VC Perspective: The Changing Structure of the VC Industry

    From angel to growth, our panelists look at the entire value-chain of financing startup companies today and in the future.

    • Moderator: Gaurav Jain (Principle at Founder Collective)
    • Panelists: Neil Chheda (Partner at Romulus Capital), Andy Macey (Board Director at CommonAngels),  Kyle Lui (Principle at DCM)
  • Scaling Startups
    How does a start-up maintain a competitive edge and reach critical mass? Learn what various start-ups have done to overcome the challenges they faced to scale farther, faster, and more effectively.

    • Moderator: Alicia DeSantola (Ph.D. Student at HBS)
    • Panelists: Bhavin Shah (Founder & CEO, Refresh), Sam Clemens (Founder & Chief Product Officer, InsightSquared), Viktoras Jucikas (Founder & CTO at Yplan), Ryan Moore (Partner, Atlas Ventures)
  • The Business of Cybersecurity 
    Cybersecurity is a booming segment of the tech industry and a serious concern for business leaders across every field. This panel brings together experts from business and government to discuss key issues facing the cybersecurity industry in coming years. How to succeed when failures make front page news and successes go unreported? How to balance the diverse needs of business, government, and consumer advocates? There are significant challenges in this fast moving field, but even greater rewards for any company that can bring more trust and security to our digital business world.

    • Moderator: Chris Rezek (McKinsey)
    • Panelists: Leonard Bailey (Special Counsel, DOJ, Computer Crime Section), Izhar Armony (Charles River Ventures), Gary Davis (McAfee)
  • Education Technology: Technology and the Future of the K-12 Classroom 
    From interactive whiteboards to flipped classrooms, technology has substantially changed the standard model for K-12 learning over the past decade.  Join panelists from leading education technology organizations and school systems in a look forward, as they discuss the potential impact of technology on future K-12 classrooms.

    • Panelists: Marissa Lowman (Co-Founder & Executive Director, LearnLaunch Institute), Kimberly Steadman (Chief Academic Officer, Edward Brooke Charter School), Kin Lo (CEO, Kaymbu), Dan Winkler (CTO, Mimio)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
    In this panel we will explore the exciting trends, technological considerations, regulatory developments, and business opportunities involving the autonomous vehicle sector.

    • Moderator: Bryan Reimer (Research Scientist in the MIT AgeLab and the Associate Director of The New England University Transportation Center at MIT)
    • Panelists: John J. Leonard (Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering and Associate Department Head for Research in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering), Josh Switkes (CEO of Peloton Technology), David Pickeral (Transportation Sector Lead, IBM)