Anand Sampat   Datmo  CEO & Founder

Anand Sampat

CEO & Founder

Anand is the Co-founder and CEO of Datmo, a platform to bring machine learning to everyone. Anand has been deeply involved in data science for the last 10 years. As a researcher and student at UC Berkeley, he brought machine learning to traditional science. He then built recommendation systems at Collegefeed (acquired by After College). Most recently at Stanford, he led the Data Science Club, and taught the school-wide machine learning course, CS 229 while he was a graduate student. Anand is enthusiastic about empowering all individuals across industries to realize the potential of data science. Apart from data, he loves music, dance, and marathon running.

Janet is the Senior manager of the Applied Modeling and Data Science team in support of Alexa Machine Learning, Amazon Echo and Speech@Amazon. Her previous positions include working for Vlingo, a Virtual Assistant that turns your words into action by combining voice to text technology and natural language processing. She also worked for MGH as a Principal Investigator and as a speech scientist, research scientist and acoustics engineer for Eliza, MIT and BOSE respectively. Janet received her PhD in Health Sciences and Technology from MIT.

JANET SLIFKA   Amazon (Applied Modeling & Data Science)  Senior Manager


Amazon (Applied Modeling & Data Science)
Senior Manager

VERONICA WU   Hone Capital  Managing Partner


Hone Capital
Managing Partner

Ms. Veronica Wu is the Co-President of China Science and Merchants Capital Investment Management Group (CSC Group) overseeing the group’s international business development and operations. Ms. Wu is also Managing Partner of Hone Capital, a subsidiary of CSC Group based in Palo Alto, CA. After spearheading a strategic partnership of Hone Capital and AngelList, she has co-led investments in over 250 high quality technology companies. Prior to Hone Capital, Ms. Wu served as Vice President of Tesla Motors overseeing its China Operations, and launched the company into China in 2014. Prior to Tesla, Ms. Wu led the launch of Apple’s Education and Enterprise business in China from 2006-2013. Previously, she held senior positions at Motorola and McKinsey & Company. Ms. Wu holds a BS from Yale University in Applied Mathematics, and an MS & PhD in Industrial Engineering Operations Research from UC Berkeley.

David Waller is a Partner and the Head of Data Science and Analytics for Oliver Wyman Labs. He leads projects that utilize advanced statistical and machine learning methods to solve the challenging analytical problems that lie at the heart of modern business. His team specializes in implementing solutions to especially thorny computational problems where scale and efficiency can present key obstacles to traditional approaches.

David enjoys immersing himself in the latest technologies and methods from the data scientific community, and finding applications for ideas from adjacent domains such as physics to today’s toughest business problems. He will happily discuss ‘Big Data’ topics – but only if he’s allowed to avoid calling it ‘big data.’

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman Labs, David was a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Retail and Consumer Goods Practice. His retail expertise centers around working with large firms to improve their businesses, using cutting-edge analytics as the ‘secret sauce' for making better decisions. His experience spans the retail gamut, from merchandising and marketing through to store operations.

David spent a year in New Zealand working as a winemaker and studying winemaking and viticulture. Not surprisingly, he adores molecular gastronomy and has been known to spend hours in the kitchen perfecting – and occasionally ruining – a new dish.

David studied at Harvard College and at MIT.

DAVID WALLER   Oliver Wyman Labs  Partner


Oliver Wyman Labs

MICHAEL LUCA   Harvard Business School  Professor


Harvard Business School

Michael Luca is Lee J. Styslinger III Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Professor Luca works closely with companies and cities to help them become more data-driven, and has ongoing collaborations with Yelp, Facebook, the UK government, and the City of Boston, in addition to other partners.   

ADAM SMITH    Descartes Labs  Co-Founder & Head of Business and Sales


Descartes Labs
Co-Founder & Head of Business and Sales

Adam has 20 years of executive experience in technology, finance, and entrepreneurship. He built and launched his first company (software QA) while in college. He’s worked in management consulting, investment banking, the hedge fund industry, and most recently with two startups in the Education Technology sector. He has a BA from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.