Lightning Talks from CODE@HBS

CODE is a student run club at HBS. We evangelize the power of coding to the Harvard community through various lightning talks, workshops and hackathons. Today we present four topics to show how everyone can benefit from some programming knowledge. The content is totally beginner friendly and we hope to see you soon!


Title: Fantastic APIs and where to find them

Name: Sam Li (MBA '17)

Come explore why you should almost never build anything from scratch for your next technical project. With micro-service architecture evolved as the predominant pattern these days, let's push the limit on what one can achieve by simply playing with various service APIs on the market.

Sam Li (MBA '17) is a co-founder of the CODE Club at HBS and Zinc Platform, a YC backed fintech startup. Prior to HBS he worked at Google and Goldman Sachs. 


Title: AI for everyone

Name: Dmitry Zhdankin (MBA ’17)

Building data science and machine learning models is hard. Applying them is easy. This talk that will explain how anyone can master running AI algorithms with the help of a few python libraries.

Dmitry Zhdankin (MBA ’17) is a co-founder of Satoru, an AI-driven cash reserve for small businesses. Prior to HBS he worked in quant roles at the IMF and a global macro hedge fund.”


Title: More salt, more security

Company:  Adam Behrens (MBA ’18)

Every company needs to think about user data security. Adam will show how one small strategy in particular—adding “salt”—can save you from much bigger headaches down the road.

Adam Behrens (MBA ’18) is a software engineering intern at Analytical Space, a satellite startup based at the Harvard iLab. Prior to HBS, he covered industrials & technology at a mid-market private equity firm and worked in data analytics at Deloitte Consulting.

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Title: How to monetize an app with ads

Name: Pasha Nahass (MBA '18)

Learn how to use an SDK to integrate ads into your app today.
Pasha Nahass (MBA '18) was a Product Manager at Google for the past several years. Prior to Google, he was a software engineer at