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About the Tech Conference

What is the Tech Conference?

Held at Harvard Business School for the past 20 years, the Tech Conference (formerly Cyberposium) is the largest student-run MBA technology conference in the world.  The conference facilitates an interactive network of current and future business leaders to engage in a provocative dialog about technology and its impact on business and society. The Tech Conference is organized entirely by current MBA students at Harvard Business School and is the primary campus event of the school’s Tech Club.

Who attends the Tech Conference?

Each year, the Tech Conference seeks to unite the community of present and future business leaders who share a common passion to deliver technology’s greatest promises.  The conference draws some 1,000 attendees from the tech/media industries as well as the VC and startup communities. Participants include CEOs, CTOs, founders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street and technology analysts, a broad range of media and press representatives, and students from over 25 leading MBA programs around the world.

What is Tech Conference 21 all about?

Given this is the 21st year of the conference, there’s quite some history surrounding the conference. Many of the speakers that have spoken at the Tech Conference (or rather, its predecessor, Cyberposium) in the past got a lot more famous and a lot more successful after the conference, not because of the conference, but because conference organizers managed to bring to campus those people who saw the future and built it. Jeff Bezos came when Amazon was just a bookstore. Marissa Mayer came when she was still at Google, before she was selected as the CEO of Yahoo and became one of the most prominent CEOs in tech. Elon Musk came in 2005 before Tesla became the first American carmaker to IPO in decades and before NASA surrendered American leadership in space to SpaceX. Travis Kalanick came last year, before he closed that monstrous round that valued Uber at $18 billion.

The goal of this year’s conference is to continue the tradition of bringing industry leaders to HBS not only whose past stories would inspire and educate, but who are leading organizations that will likely dominate the next decade in technology. This year’s speakers can not only see the future, they are actively building it.  

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