What is the Tech Conference?

Held at Harvard Business School for the past 23 years, the Tech Conference is the largest student-run MBA technology conference in the world. The conference facilitates an interactive network of current and future business leaders to engage in a provocative dialog about technology and its impact on business and society. The Conference has a mixture of Panels, Keynote speakers, Fireside Chats and Live Demos, to explore many of different areas of Technology; from Blockchain to Burgers and from AI to AirBnB.

Who attends the Tech Conference?

The conference draws some 1,000 attendees from the tech/media industries as well as the VC and startup communities. Participants include CEOs, CTOs, founders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street and technology analysts, a broad range of media and press representatives, and students from over 25 leading MBA programs around the world.

What is Tech Conference 24 all about?

This years theme, "Inflection Point" is a reaction to the debate going on in the wider world about how Technology is changing our societies for better and for worse. We want to embrace the debate and hear from those who are at the center of this change 

Additional information:

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