Welcome to the 23rd Annual Technology Conference by Tech Club, a student club of HBS

How can we use advanced sensor technology to reduce food waste? What new business models will be enabled by blockchain? How will commercial space flight become a reality? Why will virtual reality enhance our self-expression and improve our productivity? What is the future we're building, and why?

Our speakers not only see the future. They are actively building it.

On September 16th, 2017, 1,200+ founders, investors, engineers, and MBA and undergraduate students from the Boston area and beyond will converge on the Harvard Business School campus to discuss and debate the future of technology. Join us as we learn how leaders are building the future of cryptocurrency, space, fintech, insurtech, food tech, healthcare, AR/VR, retail, and more! See our full agenda here.

The goal of this year’s conference is to continue the tradition of bringing industry leaders to HBS not only whose past stories would inspire and educate, but who are leading organizations that will likely dominate the next decade in technology.


Contact Us

If you would like to participate or host a panel, demonstrate your product in our Demo Room, or have questions, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact Karan Ahuja (kahuja@mba2018.hbs.edu) and Elyse Kim (ekim@mba2018.hbs.edu).

Keynote Speakers


Bozoma Saint John

Chief Brand Officer, Uber


Frances Frei

SVP Leadership & Strategy, Uber


Carolyn Everson

VP - Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook


Sue Siegel

CEO, GE Ventures

Deep Nishar

Managing Director, SoftBank

Eric Paley

Managing Partner, Founder Collective

Caroline _Main_Headshot.jpg

Caroline Ghosn

Co-Founder & CEO, Levo



Panel Discussions, Tech Talks & Fireside Chats

  • AR/VR

    • Dr. Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab)
    • Victor Luo (NASA JPL)
    • John Werner (Meta)
    • David Askaryan (Bridgewater)
    • Neil M. Gupta (Venture Partner, Indicator Ventures)
  • Cryptocurrency and Payments

    • Hadley Stern (Fidelity Investments)
    • Anders Brownworth (Circle.com)
    • P. Bart Stephens (Blockchain Capital)
    • Ryan Zurrer (Polychain Capital)
  • FinTech

    • Omer Ismail (COO, Marcus)
    • Adam Broun (COO, Kensho)
    • Blair Baldwin (CEO, Quilt)
    • James Hobson (CEO, Attune Insurance)
    • Andre Bliznyuk (Partner, Runa Capital)
    • Corey Booth (Managing Director, BCG)
  • Food / AgTech

    • Steve Fredette (President & Co-Founder, Toast)
    • Julia Cohen (Biz Ops, Bowery)
    • Jan Schnorr (CEO, C2Sense)
    • Jennifer Cheung (Principal, Amazon)
    • Usma Cheema (Sr. Manager - Business & Corporate, DoorDash)

    • Jason Robins (CEO, DraftKings)
  • Healthcare Tech

    • Umair Khan (VP of Product, Accolade)
    • Gina Nebesar (Co-Founder & CPO, Ovia Health)
    • Jessica Alston (Associate, F-Prime Capital Partners)
    • Andrew DiMichele (Head of Product, Onduo)
  • Retail Tech / E-Commerce

    • Brendan Wallace (Managing Partner/Co-Founder, Fifth Wall Ventures)
    • Susan Tynan (CEO/Founder, Framebridge)
    • Nick Rellas (CEO/Founder, Drizly)
    • Rachael Vegas (Chief Merchant, Brandless)
    • Adam Chaput (Product Manager, Wayfair)
    • Pano Anthos (XRC Labs, Founder & Managing Director)
  • Transportation Tech

    • Karl Iagnemma (CEO, NuTonomy)
    • Sid Misra (CEO, Perceptiva Automata)
    • Tim Higgins (Reporter, Wall Street Journal)
    • Steve Hafner (CEO, Kayak)

    • Louis Perna (Co-Founder, Accion)
    • Karl Hoose (CEO, VALT Enterprises LLC)
    • David Potere (Co-Founder & CEO, Telluslab)
    • Dan Nevius (Co-Founder & COO, Analytical Space)
    • Matthew Weinzierl (Professor, HBS)
  • Women in Tech

    • Natalie Villalobos (Global Lead for Women Techmakers Program, Google)
    • Katie Burke (Chief People Officer, HubSpot)
    • Matt Wallaert (Behavioral Scientist, Entrepreneur)
    • Danielle Morrill (CEO & Co-Founder, Mattermark)
    • Caroline Ghosn (Founder & CEO, Levo)

    • Katie Burke (CPO, Hubspot)
    • Nitesh Banta (Co-Founder & CEO, B12)
    • Derek Haas (CEO & Founder, Avant-garde Health)
    • Larry Bohn (Managing Director, General Catalyst)


In our Demo Room, Tech Conference 23 attendees will be able to get hands-on with the latest Virtual Reality hardware.